My first taste of surfing was in 67 when I was introduced to it by a friend who had kept on to me about these Malibu boards that they had at Bantham S.L.S Club. From my first ride that was it, my whole life changed.

Since that day surfing has been a major part of my life. Now 40 + years on I still hunger for those swells that got me excited in the early days.

I have competed in many English & British Surf Contest picking up the British masters title in 94.

In 95 I was part of the English Team for the European contest in Portugal, from there I joined the E.S.F (English Surfing Federation) Executive committee. Where I had 10 great years Managing the team at numerous European contests and being Chairman for the last few years.

Now with over 25 years of working in the Surf & Watersports Industry I represent Major brands second to none in their own product field.

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